How to Safely Travel with Your Dogs


Any time you’re traveling with pets, of course, there are safety concerns to consider. And while an RV might seem homelike, it’s still a vehicle and can pose threats to your pet both while it’s in motion and while it’s parked. Here are five tips to help keep your pet secure. It might seem normal to let your pet roam free in the RV while you’re driving; it’s not uncommon to see cats perched on dashboards or dogs with their paws on the windowsill, looking out at the passing scenery. But it’s a bad idea. Just as you would restrain your pet in a car — at least we hope you would — he should be confined while the RV is in motion. That means riding in a crate that is secured, so it can’t move around, or wearing a pet safety belt. Place a crate in an area where it won’t get too hot and attach it to something that is permanently affixed, such as a table or bench. You can fasten a crate in place permanently with bolts and straps or hold it in place with seat belts or some other form of tie-down that provides stability but allows you to move them as needed.

Many people like traveling in an RV, because it can provide a safe place to leave a pet when the humans are going to dinner, for a hike in a national park or any other place where pets can’t go along. But like any vehicle, an RV can heat up in the sun. You can leave the air conditioner running, but power failures are always a possibility.

Clever and safety-conscious RVers use remote temperature sensors to ensure that pets stay cool. The devices monitor the temperature inside the RV and can send an alert to your cell phone if it gets too hot or too cold — although they cannot be relied on in areas with spotty cell phone reception. Other devices can be set to turn the generator on or off when the RV reaches preset temperatures. Choose a temperature monitor with battery backup in case the power fails.




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